Ah zombie games, who doesn’t like zombie games? That thrilling feel of surviving an apocalypse full of flesh eating mutated humans. Well, if you like them then you probably also like H1Z1, quite a popular MMO zombie survival game. It’s King Of The Kill mode was also quite popular,¬†making players¬†fight one another to the death until only a single player or small group survives.


Constantly updated, H1Z1 polishes itself on a regular base, fixing any bugs on the way. A new update was released on July 12th, to introduce a game update. The changes were as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where IED’s were not damaging bases
  • Fixed an issue with arrows doing execessive base damage
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the Patriotic Mask skin
  • Fixed an exploit for sit command preventing falling damage
  • Fixed an issue with the Skinning Knife not de-spawing when dropped on ground
  • You should now be able to harvest blood from Zombies
  • You can no longer chop trees with a hunting knife
  • We have a potential fix in place for the invisibility issues introduced in the last update.

See chopping down trees with a hunting knife is something more games need! Too bad it was removed from the game, but still, it sounds like an awesome feature that more survival games should implement.

The update isn’t that large, but it fixes more bugs which is always welcome in games like these!

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