With video game narrative paving new paths in the interactive media industry, it should come as no surprise that the visual novel genre has achieved a new level of popularity in recent years. What happens however when you combine that brilliant and effective genre with the combat and real-time combat of an action RPG? You get Omni Link.

omni link

The developers at Roencia games have taken to Kickstarter to start crowdfunding for their game Omni Link. While they have yet to reach their goal, it’s evident that they have a solid idea in mind. Omni Link takes you through a sci-fi adventure with the narrative style of a visual novel, while adding real-time nuances to make for a more thoroughly interactive experience.

With choice influencing the outcome of the game, the narrative is branching, adding a layer of depth and replay value. The Sci-Fi setting of Omni Link allows players to take control of ships in order to do battle.  With the future of those around you in your hands, will you be able to defeat impending threats or collapse under the pressure of space?

For more on Omni Link and if you’d like to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, head here!


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