Bethesda’s Quake Champions is a first-person shooter currently in closed beta. It is part of the rather well-known Quake series and has quite a following. Today, Bethesda released a brand new champion trailer for the unholy paladin, Galena. Check it out!

The trailer is less than a minute long, but players can certainly get a sense for what kind of woman this Galena is. Throughout the entire trailer, she is confidently spouting threats and definitely seems to have command of the battle field. Whilst she may be a healer, she is certainly not afraid to get bloody. According to the video description, “Galena is a healer and a warrior, skilled in both giving and taking life.” 

Paired with the trailer was a blog post going into slightly more detail about Galena, her past, and her abilities. Apparently, Galena has been groomed to be a weapon since the age of four. According to the blog post, she “learned from a young age that blood is judgement and penance is sacrifice.”

Galena Quake Champions

Her active ability, called Unholy Totem, can either be used to heal herself and allies or deal damage to enemies. It is a necessity during team games to help sway a battle in your favor. The passive ability, known as Channeling, lets Galena eliminate 5% of her active ability cooldown for every health orb she picks up, so the more health you get, the quicker your ability will regenerate.

Galena is a part of the ever-growing roster of champions currently available in the Quake Champions closed beta. If she or any of the other heroes previously shown in champion trailers interests you, make sure you sign up. Quake Champions has no confirmed release date as of yet, but the closed beta started on the 6th of this month. Are you excited to play Galena and the other champions? Let us know!


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