Heroes of the Storm just got the patch notes for the upcoming update from the Player Testing Realm(PTR). The patch will be available for testing on PTR until November 14. Anyways, let’s talk about the features and changes the patch brings.

A new mode has arrived, called Blackheart’s Revenge. It’s a new Arena Battleground that introduces many different playstyles for Heroes of the Storm. The attacking team owns a Core that Blackheart is trying to destroy so the attacking team must gather cannonballs which they use in order to sink Blackheart’s ship. If you decide to play as the defending team, you will be responsible for preventing the destruction of Blackheart’s ship.heroes-brawl-blackhearts-revenge-ghost-ship-header

Varian Wrynn, High King of the Alliance, is the newest hero coming to Heroes of the Storm. Varian has up to 6 playstyles from a tank to an assassin and as he’s one of the most iconic and lovable characters from World of Warcraft expect to see a lot of Varian’s in your matches very soon!


Blizzard also announced that they are adding AFK Detection for Heroes Brawl. Any player that is inactive for a while during the match will be disconnected.

Besides that, quests made for new players have been updated. Instead of the ordinary “Play 3 Games” quest, under-leveled players will now receive  a “Play 3 vs. A.I. Games” Daily Quest.

There are plenty of more changes that are going to be implemented in the upcoming patch. If you want to find out about more changes coming to the game, be sure to visit the official patch notes by clicking here.


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