We’ve been to the creepy land of Naxxramas, journeyed to the top of Blackrock Mountain, and defeated Rafaam, the supreme archaeologist. After all that adventuring it’s time to take a load off, and no better time to do so than now. A young and enthused Medivh is hosting a party in his home of Karazhan, and you’ve been invited.


This four winged adventure is set to launch on August 11th, with one wing becoming available each week. As always there are some exclusive cards you can only get your hands on if you purchase this adventure. Worry not, fans of keeping to a free-to-play style. You can purchase wings of this adventure at 700 gold apiece. They’re more than worth it too, because the boss battles are interesting and well designed.

Some of these new cards already look amazing!

Firelands PortalYou can get your hands on two of these cards just by checking out the free prologue mission. And if you want to cut down the price of the adventure from 20 USD to 15, you can simply save up gold over the next week or so and buy the first wing like that.

Adventures often have some of the best cards in the game, so there’s no reason not to at least check it out. We’ll also be getting a brand new board as well.

Fans of Hearthstone should check out this brand new Karazhan adventure on August 11th. It will be available for purchase and download through the Hearthstone shop.


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