July 28th will come with a new announcement for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and most would agree that it’s likely going to be a new adventure. This is a big deal, because it will mark the first adventure since the release of the Standard and Wild modes of play. This could potentially mean that the game is set to move in a different direction.


Anyone could speculate as to what the themes of the adventure will be, but nobody knows for sure. I hope it’s going to be connected in some way to the Old Gods expansion. Thematically it really felt like Naxraamas and GvG fit well together.

The League of Explorers expansion introduced the discover mechanic. That mechanic has been prominent in the Old Gods cards as well as a lot of the Tavern Brawls. Something so influential managed to live on and will likely be seen in all future expansions. It also created some very unique passive effects, like the Animated Armor’s ability to shield a hero.

The game seems to be taking a direction where Deathrattles are becoming much less important. If we can expect to see certain effects phased out often, then we could lose out on some of the interesting features from Blackrock Mountain.

Regardless, this announcement will come with excitement and many new cards as well.

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