Special events are what help break up the monotony of MMORPGs. They either infuse something special to distract you, or give you something interesting to do that meshes perfectly with what you do naturally in the game. For example, in Neverwinter, a new event is about to be released that’ll have you helping your Guild ensure that some rewards you have received are taken by bandits. This is the Stronghold Marauders Guild Event.

Basically, your clan has done some work with the┬áDelzoun Dwarves, and for doing a good job they deliver supplies and riches to the outside of your Guild, but then they leave just as quickly as they arrive. One just “happens” to mention that the Dwarves saw some bandits waiting to spring in and get them from you. Sure enough, once they’re out of sight, a horn sounds and the battle begins.

This will be wave combat, pure and simple, as hordes of enemies will charge your Guild, and you’ll have to fight them off while also protecting the riches you have earned. Every five waves you’ll be able to stop the event and get the reward, or, continue it for even greater treasures. Just be warned, with each extension comes greater danger. Even in the initial five waves, the enemies will have a few surprises for you.

This event will come as a part of the Shroud of Souls module. You’ll be able to activate this event at certain times of the day by talking to your Guild’s┬áSeneschal. All it takes is one person to activate the event.

As for your rewards, you’ll get vouchers that’ll fill the money banks of your Guild, as well as influence points each week for participating in the event. So, if you’re looking for something fun to do in Neverwinter, this event will definitely be for you.


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