neverwinter3There are various reasons to visit Neverwinter’s frozen lands of the north that were once the center of the ancient Ostorian Empire. There are many relics from that long-forgotten time that you should acquire. Those Ostorian relics now wait for you in many dangerous locations. But they are infused with Voninblod, which is the ancient power of the giants of old, so the risk is well worth of the reward.


This exciting new expansion will introduce a new campaign for you to adventure through! It’s also introducing three new wilderness zones, Bryn Shander, Lonelywood and Cold Run, and in the end, there’s the game’s most challenging dungeon yet called Fangbreaker Island.


This classic MMORPG isn’t just getting new content, this time, the base game is also getting some updates, as we’re getting Class Reviews for the Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock, and Guardian Fighter. There were quite a few changes before the Class Reviews went live on the Preview server. The developers had many back and forth discussions on the preview forums, so many additional changes and bug fixes were made with the support of the player base! This only proves that the developers and the player base can work together to make their game better!

You can read the official post here!



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