Content in MMORPGs are the backbone of the game, and the content you do defines what kind of experience you have on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. To that end though, there’s a limit on how long certain things should take. Or at least, in the minds of players there is. For if something is quick to complete, it might be rewarding, but not fun. On the opposite side, if something takes too long, and is too grueling, you’ll just be grateful that it’s over. But for the players of Neverwinter, a different problem is there.

For Reddit user, and Neverwinter player, Retrojazzer17, he feels that quests taking a month to complete via tasks that can only be done once a day is not fun at all:

“The idea that you can only complete a campaign task once a day really ruins the progression (and fun) of this game.”

He feels that this style of campaign only suits certain kinds of Neverwinter players, while the rest are left to just deal with the system that’s in place. When instead, they should either make the quests easier to complete, or increase the number of times a campaign quest can be done in a day.

Other Neverwinter players are mixed on this viewpoint. Some do agree that the grinding aspect of quests can be infuriating at times, but others are OK with the current system, and feel that changing it would be bad for the game. A few even made suggestions to help Retrojazzer17 out:

“Its all about the daily logins, you can progress faster in some campaigns with genies gifts though,” notes player nem3sis_AUT.

A lot of players state though that the real reason for this setup is so that players will continue to come to the game every day. What do you think? Are quests in Neverwinter where they should be time wise?


  1. I get why it’s done and I have no problem with it but as a player who can’t get on and play everyday it is frustrating. While some people can grind through a month long process, it may take a casual player 2 or 3 months to get through it. It can be very frustrating to do the same thing over and over and see very little progression for the casual gamer.

  2. The problem with this, that wasn’t mentioned,is the pay to play aspect of this game; you can do the daily, weekly, or monthly and complete immediately. I enjoyed playing the game…still do on and off. Just wanted to mention that aspect of the game…good article.



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