The latest developer blog from Arc Games’ MMORPG Neverwinter discusses the upcoming dungeon entitled Fangbreaker Island. Mainly focusing on the boss battles encountered on the island, blogger Asterdahl highlights the trials and tribulations of creating bosses for the game, as well as revealing details on what Neverwinter players can expect to encounter throughout.

The first boss introduced is Hati, the manticore companion of the Herald of Winter. Players who plan to take Hati on be cautious, as the beast will use the surrounding environment against you as well as its own individual powers. This will be followed by a head-to-head battle with one of the largest bosses in Neverwinter to date, facing off against an adult Dragon Turtle that will attempt to slam, bite and tear through your party, not to mention its high-pressured steam attacks to boot. Last but certainly not least, the right hand giantess of the Herald of Winter known as Drufi promises to be a frosty encounter, as she brings the full elemental force of ice and snow in what promises to be a difficult fight for you and yours.

Discussing the mechanics for the imminent boss battles, Asterdahl also noted some changes that players may notice during their experience. For example, in previous boss encounters, Neverwinter has used hordes of additional enemies to bring balance to the fight or even increase the challenge level. However, this is something they have decided to move away from in Fangbreaker, opting to focus on each individual boss’ abilities and phase changes. The full discussion can be found here.



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