Basketball simulator video games aren’t too popular these days, but that didn’t stop 2K from releasing NBA 2k17 on mobile devices!

Image: sport techie
Image: sport techie

NBA 2K17 is now available for downloading on mobile devices for $7.99. If you’re looking for an enjoyable sports simulator about basketball, NBA 2k17 is the best choice at the moment. The revamped gameplay controls will provide the most enjoyable gaming experience and the game even has physical controller support, which is never a bad thing! MyCAREER mode will now include college games, an Off-Day Simulator, some new MyPLAYER equipment and attribute options, and so on.


Jeff Thomas, the Vice President of Sports Development, said:

“Mobile continues to be a go-to platform of choice for gamers, and we wanted give them even more ways to access NBA 2K17 with this year’s mobile simulation game,”

“We’ve added even more features to create the most realistic basketball experience to date, complementing NBA 2K17’s console launch.”

The game is definitely worth checking out, besides, how many basketball simulators are there on the mobile platform? Not too many, so your options are kind of limited. But, with NBA 2k17, you won’t need any other game, as this one will be just enough!




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