MU Legends’ closed beta test began two days ago, on October 25th, and alongside that we got a new video showcasing the game’s lore, classes, PvE, PvP and so on.


We got a glimpse of the story, which is your basic run of the mill “good versus evil” on a large scale, but since this is an ARPG, I don’t think anyone expected a mindblowing story. But, you can never know, maybe MU Legends brings forth with it an amazing and complex story that will amaze you, but that is left to be seen.


After that, we got a lot of footage of the four classes that are available in the game; the Darklord, Whisperer, Blader, and Warmage. Each of them was given a brief description and a lot of time to see their abilities and just how much chaos they can inflict to the hordes of monsters that you will face. MU Legends looks quite pretty, which is pretty obvious when the Whisperer starts hailing down fiery arrows from the sky, obliterating anything stupid enough to get hit by it. Graphics in these types of games aren’t too stellar most of the time, but MU Legends looks pretty fricking amazing.


The best thing would probably be to just go and watch the video, wouldn’t it?



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