Have you ever thought about how would a dating sim look like if you replaced monsters with people? Monster Prom is here to answer that question!




Monster Prom is a game where you play as a monster, that’s a student in a monster high school. Interesting setting, isn’t it? But, it isn’t hard being a monster as you can guess, but there is something even harder than being a monster, and that is to get a date for prom as a monster! The player is given a limited amount of turns to explore a school that’s full of odd events that won’t disappoint, so you’ll definitely have fun meeting six of your monster classmates. Each interaction with your classmate will lead you to a choice. You can choose between raising your stats and messing up the relationship with your classmate, or you can lose your stats to improve the relationship, it’s up to you!


Be careful when choosing, as each option is a success or a failure, depending on how the situation┬ádevelops. A monster dating sim is definitely something unique and weird, but you don’t see ideas like this too often, and it’s quite a brilliant mix that’s bound to provide entertainment!



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