mmoverview1 (1)This has been a pretty big week for us! Let’s review some major details from this week’s news in our MMOverview.

5324325First, and most importantly, we got an exclusive look at founder’s packs for Riders Of Icarus from Nexon themselves!

Secondly, we got a look at this month’s PlayStation Plus games. Games like Furi and Saint’s Row: Gat Out Of Hell. PS3 and Vita owners also got cool games like Fat Princess and Prince Of Persia: Revelation. PS4 owners will also play Paragon for free. They will also be given a starter pack with some high end items.

We also had an interesting Tavern Brawl this week, where Hearthstone decks were filled with Shifter Zerus as the only minion.

We discussed the effects of games like Overwatch on the traditional MOBA. We compared Paragon and Paladin to determine the better MOBA.

For our RetroNight we looked at the Pikmin series, and acknowledged it as a classic.

The Mana series also got a reboot. Adventures Of Mana is available on mobile as well as PS Vita. We discussed the legacy of this Final Fantasy spin-off.

All in all, it’s been an interesting week for news and discussion alike. Stay tuned for more news from MMOExaminer. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s MMOverview.



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