With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, developers will always have options regarding where to take their potential game to get funded. In the case of Indiegogo, the website just received a project that’s been a while in the making called Wing of Misadventure. This is a unique MMORPG in many ways. First off, it was made in RPG Maker XV Ace; second, it’s already almost in beta, meaning that players might be able to play it themselves before pledging should they want to wait. Finally, though this is an indie MMORPG, the team is striving to make this as professional as they can.

The other interesting thing is that Wing of Misadventure is putting a fun twist on team-based combat by basically making it so that you have to have a team to advance. The developers note that it’s “impossible to evolve alone,” and that many enemies in the game have far more power than a single player. So in this case, it is dangerous to go alone.


Apparently, the world of Wing of Misadventure is massive with 15 gods and 15 races that the story revolves around. What that means is that the game has a lot of lore. As for combat, there are several systems that will test you as you play the game. There’s offensive systems, defensive systems, magic systems, and of course, there will be PVE and PVP. It’s meant to be a complete 2D MMORPG experience.

Now, because this is on Indiegogo, it works a little different than Kickstarter. Although the goal is of course to raise money for the project, there is no “all-or-nothing” aspect to it, meaning that whatever the team makes, they have to use it to complete the game and give backers the rewards they were promised. That being said, Wing of Misadventure is only seeking $1000. So if this is something you might like, consider supporting them.


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