Recently, I had the chance to take Inside on a test drive and I must say that his indie puzzle platformer is unique in more than one aspect.i231Playdead’s epic creation was released on Steam back in July, and it managed to completely reshape my attitude towards 2D puzzle platformer games. Spiced up with some horror elements, Inside is a game that will constantly keep your brain at work, and you will often find yourself shocked by the visuals. From chasing dogs, to mind controllable zombie-like beings, you will find plenty of creepy segments that might just give you a few nightmares.

At one point, our hero, a mysterious boy, finds himself chased by an awkward little girl with scary long black hair in a submarine and you must constantly turn towards the girl to avoid getting drowned. Bouncing around with the aforementioned submarine was really an entertaining feature of the game, and so were the endless puzzles that had to be solved in order to progress.insidePlayer reviews on Steam indicate that Inside is really a successful indie game, which is nowadays not an easy thing to find since there are tons of indie games out there that are clearly rushed and incomplete. As I mentioned earlier, Inside successfully got me to lose my skepticism towards puzzle platformers and side-scrolling games, as the developers of this particular title managed to build a beautiful but slightly grotesque world that the player strives to uncover.

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