Minotaur is a point and click novel set in a world full of tech and fantasy elements called The Universe of Seven or U7 for short. The creation tells a dark and mysterious story about a group of people that are unable to leave the place they are staying at. The recently arrived project has an hour-long demo which can introduce you to Minotaur a bit more.

The creators of the game have stated that Minotaur takes influence from classics such as Zero Escape, the Danganronpa series, and more. The game is claimed to be story-driven, containing 9 characters of which 5 are playable. Each one of these characters has a special ability that helps enhance gameplay. There are 4 endings and it is voiced fully in English. There are 150 backgrounds and all of them are animated. Most of them also offer some kind of interaction between you and the background. Minotaur also features boss fights which are kind of new for a point and click game. You will have to be quick and clever in order to defeat these bosses. Most often, control panels and boss battles offer you special cursors.Minotaur



That should be it about the game’s features and mechanics. Let’s talk more about the game’s plot. Once the characters realize that they are clearly stuck in their home and can’t leave it, the tension starts to rise. They notice many elements indicating that this situation is caused by someone or something. Finding out what or who is behind this, becomes their goal. The story unfolds from the perspective of 5 characters and the decision made in your journey will affect the ending and story.


Minotaur has a goal of €30,000 in 33 days and they have managed to raise €5,000 as of right now. If you like the concept that the game is trying to build upon, go ahead and help U7 committee reach their goal over at Kickstarter.


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