Following a substantial update last month, Miitomo has received a further patch for iOS and Android devices. Clocking in at 7.46mb, the latest update takes the app to 1.4.1 with some minor changes added.


These latest updates have been introduced to expand Miitomo’s longevity, having lost a lot of players since its launch. The Candy Drop mini game allows users to spend game tickets granted from accumulating candy. You also no longer need candy to hear other people’s answers, whilst giving players the option of whether or not to receive the Miifoto of the day. As well as adding Brazilian Portuguese, the game has now implemented improvements to its speed and features.

Despite a lot of downloads of the app when it first released, possibly due to the Nintendo brand itself, Miitomo has since struggled to keep users interested. What was once a fun and interesting way of interacting with friends has suddenly started to wain, and lose its appeal amongst its users. Surveys conducted have shown that out of its 10 million downloads, only around 2.5 million users are opening the app on a weekly basis. Its still early days for the app however, and hopefully more additional content will bring about some much needed longevity to Miitomo.


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