It seems that the desire to have an AI Powered Car on the streets is reaching even the biggest car developers on the market. For at CES 2017, Mercedes-Benz announced that they are teaming up wtih NVIDIA to try and bring a car powered by the NVIDIA AI to the road.

“Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA share a common vision of the AI car…”

This partnership was unveiled at the Mercedes Benz Inspiration at CES. It featured NVIDIA founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and Mercedes-Benz Vice President of Digital Vehicle and Mobility, Sajjad Khan. According to them, the partnership started about three years ago, and that once they got together, it was clear this was a good match. As both sides wanted to prove how an AI Powered Car would benefit drivers everywhere, while also making it “more enjoyable”.

In fact, so confident are these two in their collaboration, that Mercedes-Benz has stated that within twelve months they WILL have a car on the road that is powered by an NVIDIA AI. This is because their collaboration is focused on what they call “deep learning”, which is a way to help improve AI. They likened it to how people talk to their smart phones or smart devices. Where they can ask questions and get the right answers. They’re using that as a start point and applying it to cars.

So, can they do this? Well, this is one of the biggest car making companies, and Mercedes-Benz is known for quality. Meanwhile, NVIDIA is one of the biggest technology companies out there, and they only do quality too. I can’t say whether it’ll be done in 12 months, but it’s very possible it’ll be done eventually.


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