Blizzcon has bore some major fruits, including the likes of Sombra, the newest Overwatch hero. As those of you regulars know, nothing means more to me than the announcement of the newest Hearthstone expansion! We officially have our announcements. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan have been announced, and new mechanics are plentiful.

kazakusFirst, all of our favorite classes are being split up into three factions. The neutral cards will be split among these factions, and so for the first time in Hearthstone history, even neutral cards will to some degree be class specific. I’m aware of how little sense that previous statement made.

Also, each faction will get a family boss that takes the form of a legendary minion. It seems as though there will be quite a few new mechanics, such as this custom spell business in the photo presented here.

It also seems as though Blizzard is straying away from the RNG-heavy elements of Whispers of the Old Gods, and aiming for more tempo and control with this expansion.

Control seems to be the name of the game, with cards like Patches the Pirate, who is summoned directly from the deck as soon as you play a different pirate.

Stick around, as Monday, November 7th, Blizzard will unveil the next wave of cards for this expansion. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is set to launch in December.


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