Amidst any kind of news regarding Overwatch is a story of how Blizzard are attempting to bring balance to the game via its many characters. Over recent months, there have been well documented changes to the likes of Roadhog, Ana, Bastion, D.Va and others to make the shooter an overall better product to play.

With that comes fans of individual heroes that have yet to be put under the Blizzard microscope for a more thorough examination to improve them further. One example is offense hero McCree, who many feel should undergo the same treatment as others have recently to make him more useful.


NotMcCree raised this point (unsurprisingly given the username) and posted the following:

We don’t want wild balance swings, but we are okay with so many major kit/role changes in under three months? Tank shredder McCree (6/2016), damage reduced/useless McCree (6/2016), 35m McCree (7/2016), animation cancel removed (hidden nerf, 8/2016), Deadeye nerfed (9/2016); and the present day McCree – who hasn’t evolved with the game. This favoritism needs to end; why didn’t McCree get this same amount of attention and care for his kit?

The post is particularly lengthy and goes into great detail, so head to the official page to check out the full entry. The amount of detail in fact is certainly admirable, and hopefully something that Blizzard will look into. Given his expected effectiveness against tank characters, McCree plays a key role in any team if used properly.

With the amount of changes being made to the roster, there’s no way of ruling out the resident cowboy being subject to some positive adjustments. Do you feel like McCree should be looked into next? Let us know in the comments section below.


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