When a game nears the end of its lifespan, there are certain things you can expect. First, support from the team will usually end. Second, especially if it’s an online game, the players might slowly leave the title as they wait for the next game in the franchise or just move onto something else. For Destiny, its sequel comes out September 8th, and you’d think that the gap between now and then would keep players in the game. And while it may be for some, others aren’t seeing it.

This comes from Reddit user vsully360, who notes in a post how tired he is of going into Iron Banner to do a 6v6 match, and finds himself paired up with five random Destiny players while the opposite team is a full-on unit. To him, it’s impossible that the game has “so few people playing” that his team is comprised without balance in mind, while the others is perfectly constructed.

“Make the six man team wait until at least a three or four man team to get paired up with them and then fill the gaps. It’s ridiculous” he asks.”

If true on a large scale, the point is valid, for there is little chance that a randomly assembled team could beat a team that was more carefully put together. A lot of Destiny players felt this anger, and weighed in themselves on what they’re feeling about the matchmaking aspect of Destiny at this point in time. Some even discussed how their situation was worse than his.

“At least you get a full fireteam, I can’t count how many times I’ve started an IB match and it’s 4 v 6 or 5 v 6,” reveals players BreezeB.

For others, they can’t understand how the matchmaking is this bad with developer Bungie in charge, as they know how to make matchmaking fair via their time in the Halo series. So this is puzzling for them. Are you having matchmaking issues in Destiny’s Iron Banner? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. In my experience, when your fireteam drops in short handed, the teammates you are waiting on usually show up in less than a minute. Not really an issue being that most matches are close to 10 minutes long.


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