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NCSoft’s upcoming MOBA, Master X Master, is entering Alpha Playtest 1 on June 24th. The alpha will run from June 24-27th. If you’re interested, fear not, because there are many ways to get your hands on an access key. Each possible method will be explained below.

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NCSoft has partnered with gaming news outlets and blogs, in addition to streamers and content creators, to distribute keys to the community. Additionally, a couple of lucky subscribers to Master X Master’s newsletter will also receive keys. Keys will be obtainable starting from June 21st, but Master X Master won’t be playable until June 24th.

The playable content during Alpha Playtest 1 will be restricted to a few selected masters and game modes. The playtest will focus on both 3v3 and 5v5 maps, but some PvE stages will be accessible. Alpha Playtest 1 will give players insight into the innovative PvE mode unique to Master X Master in the MOBA genre.

Make sure to follow PlayMXM on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube) to get updates on ways to get a key! Visit the Master X Master official site to read more about the first Alpha Playtest.

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