Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes is getting into the holiday spirit by offering free gifts, and some special holiday events, for its players.

First off, if you log in between December 20 2016-January 2, 2017, you’ll get for free: Punisher Dead Winter Team-Up, along with a Mini Mandroid MK 7 Pet.

Second, as part of the event, you’ll be given a “mission” to collect gifts for fellow Marvel heroes and allies. Doing so, will get them to give gifts for you. A truly inspiring message given the meaning of the season. Also though, Winter Buffs will be dropped during enemy conflicts, if you collect five of them, you’ll be rewarded with numerous holiday gifts for being such a good hero.

So what gifts does Marvel Heroes offer for this very special Winter Event?

Well, today, you can get a “Winter Fortune Card”, which will grant you a chance to get some really cool winter themed exclusives for the game. Tomorrow, if you log in, you’ll get a classic Doctor Doom team-up absolutely free! And that’s just the beginning.

Other rewards include special “mystery boxes” getting popular Boosts for your character, Omega and Crimson Boss items, an H.E.R.B.I.E. pet, special Winter artifacts like Festivus Pole and Snow Flurry, and Ice Golem pet (who doesn’t want that?), a random Hero Box (which will get you a free random hero) and a random costume box.

The Marvel Heroes Winter Event is going on now, and will last until January 2nd, so be sure to login to your account and start collecting all the holiday goodness straight from the Marvel Universe.


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