Marvel fans are mystified with the mystical these days, thanks to the appeal of the newest film in the cinematic universe, Dr. Strange. To coincide with this release, there’s a Marvel  event taking place that will incorporate a lot of similar magical elements, called The Sorcerer’s Conclave for the game Marvel Contest of Champions.

Photo credit to GamezeboGabriel Frizzera gave some insight on this event during his interview with

This event is called ‘the Sorcerer’s Conclave’ and it’s probably the most important event of the year, in many ways defining the future of ‘The Contest of Champions’ storyline. Everything starts innocently enough with the Collector introducing his new “Arcane Arena” challenge to his Summoners, where all the best mystics in the Battlerealm will be competing. But things become a bit more complicated when Doctor Strange shows up as the bearer of dark omens…”

Marvel fans get ready, as it would seem this event is playing right into what people are most interested in right now. Dr. Strange started showing in theaters on November 4th, and has received generally positive reviews from most major critics.

If you’re interested in Marvel Contest of Champions the mobile game is available and free-to-play, so check it out and participate in this epic event.


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