Overwatch Players Express Concerns About the Game

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When making a video game, it’s very important to know what you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s singleplayer or multiplayer, story driven or gameplay driven, or something else. In the case of MMOs, and MMORPGs, one of the biggest points of focus is that they want to keep their player base playing the game, and have them happy while they do it. For Overwatch, that may be an issue now.

This line of thought comes from the official Overwatch Forums, where user Kalkz asked a simple question on the forum, “Are you happy with the current Overwatch state?” To our surprise, not only was “no” the common denominator, but it was a plethora of “no’s” that filled up the forum. Furthermore, many of the “no” votes got upvoted by hundreds of players. Showing that this isn’t just an isolated thing.

Overwatch was at it’s best when it first came out. It all went down from there. (Knives)

Many of the players went into detail about what has made them either stop playing Overwatch, or just simply what they don’t like about the build right now. Some state that the updates and meta are what is killing the game. Some even noted that they couldn’t play fairly as some of their favorite characters because of changes made to them.


Others meanwhile, blamed the competitive mode, which was added much later after launch. Many revealed how they would lose to matches to those who cheat, or bend the rules significantly. Lots of them agreed that the game was better when it first came out, and once it started changing, it progressively got worse and worse.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear not all are happy with Overwatch. Will the game last with this much hate? Oh yes. Many said “no”, it’s true, but lots said that even with them not being happy, they still play the game. And there’re millions playing Overwatch, so no doubt it’ll be fine.

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  1. This article is based off forum posts about people being disgruntled with the game. There’s a reason Blizzard is pushing Overwatch so hard right now, it’s because it’s doing very well. The player base is healthy, it’s got a new upcoming eports scene and is making money for Blizzard. The commentors on this thread could be people who got banned, players who suck at the game etc. There isn’t enough context in this article and it seems rushed.

  2. Stupid pointless article, you think a few hundred people who are posed off because they sick at the game is going to drastically affect it’s expectancy? The game is better than it was when it first came out, there are very little balancing issues that I’ve experienced, most of the time when I die, it was my fault, every hero can be countered. Just seems like a bunch of petty saltiness.

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