Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, Reigns is a choose-your-own adventure kingdom management game. Players rule as the monarch(s) of a medieval kingdom. The goal is to maintain the longest reign by balancing four attributes: faith, population, power, and wealth.

Reigns - Attributes

Allowing one attribute to either drop too low or climb too high results in the termination of your sovereignty (and usually also your life).

As the king, players are presented with situations and requests from a variety of people, such as advisors and peasants.

Reigns - Love

Players are only given two choices each time. Choices selected by players will not only affect any number of the four attributes, but may also create lasting changes in the story of the game (even through multiple generations).

The actual gameplay of Reigns is incredibly simple. In fact, the entire game is played by only using the left and right keys (or swiping left and right on mobile devices). These controls will be familiar to anyone that has used the mobile dating application, Tinder. It’s not an exaggeration to state that Reigns is a cross between management games and Tinder.

Check out the official launch trailer for Reigns for a visual preview of what to expect:

Reigns can be purchased for $2.99 on Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

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