The European edition of FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s Fan Festival 2017 was filled with surprises. The most exciting was by far the announcement of Samurai (SAM) as the second job to be introduced in Stormblood. As the stage lights went bonkers to tease a reveal, the audience lost their minds when the shadowy figure happened to be Naoki Yoshida geared up for combat.

All the speculations surrounding the Spider-Man t-shirt were confirmed by Yoshida’s appearance as an Edo-inspired Samurai. Attendees got to have a closer look as the FINAL FANTASY XIV producer and director wore the beautiful red kimono throughout the day.

Maul Cosplay posing with the katana part of Yoshida’s Samurai costume.

The Eorzean garb was fully realized in our material world by German cosplayer and stuntman Ben Schamma (also known as Maul Cosplay) and his talented team. “Being a German company and manufacturing a traditional Japanese outfit and a katana for a Japanese company is a bigger act of trust than we could’ve ever imagined,” Schamma stated on Maul Cosplay’s official Instagram account.

FINAL FANTASY XIV players and fans on Reddit were generally thrilled to witness the development process behind this costume, but some weren’t too happy with how SAM will be portrayed in Stormblood. “[…] it should have been the next tank job instead of using a samurai archetype that really isn’t how they’re portrayed in Final Fantasy games,” said user Folkenface in response to jenyto’s comment: “[…] they might get a lot of complaints that [Samurais] look too tanky not to be a tank. So [Yoshida] went with the post-Edo look, where they were less bulky.”

Other users were happier with the costume and Samurai’s final look in Stormblood. “[Square Enix] could probably sell cheaper versions of these for insane profit,” said user Jubez187. “Honestly, all merch is insanely profitable and it’s jarring how little merch this is for this game.”

Whatever the case, many fans wonder why the developers have decided to go for this style of Samurai, which is a look Westerns aren’t too familiar with. In summary, as noted by user thelilcatfishy, “[Yoshida] said one of the things that inspired the samurai class was the classic Kurosawa film, Seven Samurai.”

Stormblood, FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s second expansion, becomes available on June 20 for Windows PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.


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