Following the launch of Miitomo back in March, it was evident that Nintendo were keen in setting up shop in the mobile market. This also set the stage for the likes of the upcoming Super Mario Run, showing the company’s enthusiasm to delve into the mobile industry.

When Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smart-device app released, it enjoyed a healthy amount of downloads and interest from fans, which slowly waned after a short time. Now however, a huge new update will be bringing a wealth of new features to enhance your social adventures.


Key features include private messages, room customisation and a new style central. Private messages will allow you to (you guessed it) send messages to anyone on your friends list. Users will be able to set what expression their Mii uses with either their main Mii character, or their Sidekick Mii to deliver the message. The Sidekick Mii is also pretty self-explanatory, acting in a secondary role to you main Mii, with its own room and customisation options.

Speaking of rooms, yours can now be decorated with flooring and wallpaper of your choosing. These can be attained in-app through certain actions and Miitomo Drop games, some of which are inspired by Nintendo franchises such as Super Mario, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. Posters can also be used as decorations, with each room holding space for eight posters. Poster spots can be purchased individually from the in-game store for £0.79.

Dress up your Mii with the new Style Central too, as users can submit up to three custom outfits each day to share with your friends, who can view each submitted outfit to either ‘like’ them or even try them on.


This update is available now, with plenty of new features and updates to drum up interest in the Nintendo app once more.


  1. Great. I don’t know exactly the number of player but i think this update will wake it up.
    Looking. It’s soaring again
    Daily rating is increasing after update, Congrats Nintendo, Congrats miitomo.


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