Mabinogi Duel is a visually impressive, highly addictive TCG available on the mobile platforms, and it just got its first major content update.

NEXON Korea Corporation, the subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd.,  the company that’s considered by many to be a worldwide leader in free-to-play and mobile games, announced the game’s first major content update to celebrate its first anniversary. Now you may be wondering, what’s the theme of this major content update? Well, players of Mabinogi Duel can look forward to a brand new story mode and even special events! Also, if you’re wondering, the game is available for iOS and Android devices.

The title of the update is the “One Year of Mabi-Dueling Anniversary” and it will further build upon the game’s easy-to-learn battle system by expanding the original story of Mabinogi Duel  with the newest chapter. Chapter 6 is bringing new heroes that players can add to their hero collection, including heroes like Lina Narcha and Chesha. A new chapter is coming with each new update patch in the coming months, so expect a lot of content very soon. You will also get special events that will offer special rewards to players.


The anniversary update will have many different events:

  • The Achievement Challenge: Compete in the Arena, check attendance and more to unlock many different rewards like Ruairi’s special edition Hero Skins, the Pre-release Booster Unlock Ticket and so on;
  • Attendance Event from Nov. 16 – 19: The attendance event just requires you to log into your game account to receive the special edition Great Harvest card and a bounty of gems;
  • The Mutant Festival from Nov. 16 – 30: During the Mutant Festival, the chances of getting P and Mutant cars are tripled, and the chances of getting ten special cards are ten times higher!
  • Event Arena from Nov. 17 – 27: Those of you who like PvP, the Event Arena pits players against one another in the arena with two rounds. Rewards include Super Boosters, Mutant Boosters, the special edition Great Harvest Card, gems, gold and other items.


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