After all these years of League of Legends players requesting a rework for Yorick, Riot Games finally listened. The rework includes his skill kit, model and skin changes, title and more. I’m going to mention the most important changes in the upcoming champion update.


First up, the most important part of every champion, the abilities:

Passive – Shepherd of Souls: Yorick can have up to 4 Mist Walkers following him. Mistwalkers decay when they move too far from Yorick or the Maiden of the Mist. A ‘grave’ is spawned at random times when neutral monsters or minions die near Yorick. All enemies slain will also leave a grave.

Q – Last Rites and Awakening: Yorick’s next basic attack will deal bonus damage and restore some health. Everytime Yorick kills a target, a grave will appear. If Yorick has 3 graves around him, instead of using Last Rites he can use Awakening. Casting Awakening will spawn Mist Walkers from the graves.

W – Dark Procession: Yorick summons  a destructible wall made of bodies to enclose an area for a few seconds. This will be useful when Yorick uses Awakening.As Dark Procession keeps the enemy busy trying to destroy the wall, Mist Walkers can easily attack the enclosed target.

E – Mourning Mist: Yorick throws a globule of Mist, slows and marks the target. Yorick and his Mist Walkers get a movement speed bonus while approaching the marked targets.

R – Eulogy of the Isles: Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist. The Maiden moves and attacks on her own. If Yorick.If Yorick attacks the same target as the Maiden, he will deal bonus magic damage that scales off the targets maximum health.

yorick skills

Besides the skill set, the character also got retitled. The earlier title was ‘Yorick the Gravedigger’. Riot have decided to give him a new title that is more related to Yorick’s characteristics – ‘Yorick the Shepherd of Souls’.

Yorick’s in-game model and skins got also reworked.

For all the details about the changes involving Yorick, visit League of Legends official post

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