MMORPG publishers Perfect World Entertainment and Tuque Games have announced that the free-to-play LiveLock is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


The fast and furious top-down cooperative shooter combines unique characters and intelligent action, as planet Earth enters the age of the machine following a devastating attack that wiped out all signs of organic life. Players take control of one of three Capital Intellects – Hex, Vanguard and Catalyst – as large, powerful mechanical chassis to take the fight to the corrupted machines who have waged war on what is left of the planet. LiveLock arms you with a unique and diverse selection of weaponry, as well as special functions for each intellect to fight against the machines.

Boasting a three-player co-op, LiveLock will allow friends to combine forces to take advantage and make the most of each class strengths. The post-apocalyptic world is ready for players to explore with the game’s story mode, as you attempt to revive humanity and┬átraverse the devastated landscape. Alternatively, you can choose to fight through waves of dynamically generated enemies in the game’s survival mode. Whatever you choose, combine your weaponry with each class-based skill, summoning drones and calling down lasers with a simple touch of a button.

LiveLock is now available for $19.99.


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