Unfortunately, we’ve received news that Lineage Eternal Closed Beta release has once again been delayed. From what we’ve found out, it seems that NCSoft wants to make Lineage Eternal perfect and due to that constant delays aren’t something they are upset about. But, it seems that they don’t bother to care about their fans, or do they? We are well aware that this game is their most important project and that they want to have everything done perfectly, but these delays are rocking the already crumbling trust of their players. NCSoft explains that they want to give their best to their respectful fans, but after everything, can we really trust them? lineage-eternal-thumb

As far as financial reports go, Lineage is still the golden hen of NCSoft followed by Blade&Soul, GW2, Aion and Lineage 2, all of these games are prospering and bringing home a great amount of money. The only problems they are currently encountering regard Wildstar. If you want to know more about that check our article here.

With all said and done, we still hope and look forward to trying Lineage Eternal. The good thing is that NCSoft will release it simultaneously worldwide, but before that happens we must endure these constant delays.

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