pre-patch-headerThe great Legion expansion is slowly but surely coming to us. This time, Blizzard decided to do things a bit different. Unlike previous expansions, this one will have more layers and will be gradually introduced and released to the WoW community. With this, Blizzard wanted to avoid fast leveling and instant completion of the game and story.

Therefore, we are getting a pre-expansion patch that will introduce us to some new stuff that will come in the expansion.

One of the most interesting segments will definitely be class recalibration, adaptation, and adjustments. From now on, players will be able to apply for a dungeon, raid, Battleground or Arena with any class their character possesses, but they won’t be obliged to change it while they wait in the queue. The role will be changed the moment they enter the desired instance which will definitely save a lot of time.


Furthermore, this patch will introduce us to new pre-expansion events such as Legion Invasion. For all of you who didn’t participate in Legion Beta go ahead and check out our earlier post about this new content.

And now, maybe one of the best things that will happen in this patch is Demon Hunter Early Access. All players who pre-ordered the Legion expansion will be able to try out this new class. As a Demon Hunter, every player will start their journey as level 98 character in the fel-shattered expanse of Mardum. There you will be introduced to the ways of Demon Hunter before you are fit to join your fellow warriors in combat against Legion.

For more information about specific changes that will come in this patch, check out the official site.

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