League Of Legends Patch Notes

For games like League of Legends, the need for patches is assurance for gamers that the game will not only be improved upon, but also balanced out. After all, the game has a LOT of Champions, and thus needs constant tweaking.

However, just because a patch is made, doesn’t mean it’s understood. After all, there’s a lot that goes into patches, and thus can be confusing with walls of text describing every detail. So, the Riot Games team decided to make a post detailing what they think Patch 7.1 accomplishes.

They admit that the patch itself is a bit of a catch-up,  as they were on a break a lot during the Holidays, and are thus trying to dig through all the data that accumulated while they were gone. One of their biggest priorities is getting to the heart of the matter in regards to offenders in the game.

League of Legends

They acknowledged right off the bat that this patch for League of Legends is going to be a little heavy in regards to nerfing (aka depowering and balancing) characters. The nerfs themselves are going to be widespread, from both new characters, to classic ones, so be on the lookout for the changes that are coming.

However, they are giving a boost to some of their champions. Mainly, Marksmen, who they admit haven’t been as powerful as they can/should be. They’re aiming to continue to evaluate the class’s agency in the grand scheme of things in the patches to come.

Toss in some tinkering for the League Client Update and some interesting Warring Kingdom skins, and you got a patch that is covering a lot of ground. So, be ready for the changes made, and the changes to come.


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