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Riot has been talking about a rework for their League of Legends champion Warwick for some time, and they have released a trailer showing off their hard work. Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun shows the Blood Hunter now as a combination of man and machine, hurling himself through the dark corridors of some steampunk structure in Zaun to satisfy his blood lust.

Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun

By now, League of Legends contains a mythic and varied backstory for its playable champions. Riot has been building this since the game was released in 2009, and probably earlier. Until now, the lore surrounding Warwick has been a little lackluster. So, as he had nearly faded out of meta, so too will his backstory of being disfigured in a fight with Soraka and pushing his friend Singed to give him an incomplete potion that transformed him into the beast we all know but don’t exactly love.

league of legends

In this new story, Singed kidnapped a young cutthroat on the streets of Zaun, recognizing in the specimen an innate bestiality. Riot has made the chemist’s lab notes available, and fans of the lore can follow along as he experiments on and surgically alters his guinea pig, in order to “reveal life’s hidden truths through science.”

The visual rework is sure to accompany a mechanics overhaul, although it seems like some semblance of the old Blood Hunter’s e-ability, since he certainly can still smell blood. When will we be able to see this new Warwick live and in action on the Rift?

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