The full details have been released on the upcoming rework for the League of Legends champion and basic jungler Warwick. Now the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun, the rework is less a total overhaul of Warwick’s abilities, and more an attempt to achieve a bit more flexibility and accessibility with the champion.

Warwick in League of Legends

As the developers point out in the notes on the rework, the previous strategy with Warwick was basically to “ult a poor bastard and hope they die.” Popping that R at the right time could prove handy to nullify an AD Carry, but beyond that, it was difficult to utilize Warwick’s abilities in a particularly meaningful way.

league of legends

Now, the hope is that players will have a bit more flexibility with Warwick. Blood Hunt now gives enough of a speed boost, and visual cues, to track down someone squishy and in need of a thrashing. His Q now has an option, if the player holds the key down longer, to leap behind the target. His howl on E has become a bit more terrifying, causing enemies to flee.

The aforementioned ult has been changed slightly, so that now Infinite Duress can be dodged or body blocked. The developers hope these changes will make playing Warwick a little more complex, and a little more interesting to watch.

Aesthetically, Riot’s character designers have moved away from Warwick as simply a werewolf. According to them, Singed was trying to make a chimera, so the new Warwick features bat-like ears, a fox-like tail, and the steampunk style tubes and chambers that nod to his roots in Zaun.

league of legends

In an example of Riot’s designers attention to detail, Warwick even stops using words to acknowledge commands when he closes in on his prey, as his mind shifts more toward beast and farther from human.

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