league of legends

Riot has announced the details for their upcoming Leauge of Legends sandbox mode, the Practice Tool. The new mode allows players, professional and amateur, to practice various scenarios without having to peel through countless hours of custom games.

Leauge of Legends Practice Tool

Even without a set release date, the details of the Practice Tool are enough to get players excited. Riot sees the implementation of Practice Tool as a necessary step in the development of the game, as it continues to solidify its position in the world of competitive play.

In the League of Legends the Practice Tool, players enter Summoner’s Rift alone. Once there, they have access to all sorts of sandbox commands. They can instantly level up, restore mana, teleport anywhere, instantly revive, disable turrets, spawn the jungle, and make practice dummies.

league of legends

According to Riot, the Practice Tool has several goals. Players can use it to learn map familiarity, practice jungling, check the functionality of item builds, practice champion mechanics, and learn to last hit like the pros. So far, players have had to learn all of this in games.

The practice dummies will be useful for trying out skill combos and getting the hang of new champions. In order to encourage people to beat them up, Riot has made them look a little familiar.

league of legends

Unlike other features Riot implements to League of Legends, their cherished and only game, the Practice Tool will be released in a “bare bones” fashion, so that players can get their hands on the tool while Season 7 is still just getting into gear. They also outline some specific ways to use it, like to practice the jungle or last hitting, on their official site.

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