League-of-Legends-LCS-NA-2015-SummerLeague of Legends Esports scene is busy as always and  June represents the beginning of  new battles for every team across the globe.

The NA LCS is definitely the most known and watched competitive scene in League of Legends, and we are sure most of you will agree. The summer split kicked off in a pretty nasty manner and left us at the edge of our seats. After the first week, we could easily say that we are surprised by how the things ended up.

The well-known CLG came out with at seventh place, struggling to stay in the game. Just above them is  Cloud9, once an unstoppable and feared force, now at sixth place. The first place is divided by two great teams, Immortals, and Team EnVyUs and we applaud them for taking out the giants of LoL. For more in-depth information about brackets and the current state of the leaderboard follow this link.

The third place is what interests us the most. In today’s last match of the day, TSM and Apex will cross swords in the Summoners Rift. The result of this clash will decide which team will respectfully take the third place. We are definitely excited about this match, and can’t wait to see what strategies these two teams have prepared. For a more detailed schedule visit the official LoL Esports site.

The matches will begin soon, so prepare your favorite beverages and snacks, and enjoy the show!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUKmGlLhxF4[/embedyt]



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