4cc4ccb496b3c88e30e4f346e68ce883-7e421d227dd95b43c6937347153172d8The League of Legends competitive scene has shown us once again that anything is possible. After an outstanding second week of the European LCS Summer Split, we were, frankly, stunned on how it ended.

But first of all, beware, in the following section, there might be some information about the current state of EU LCS standings, leaderboard and games, so if you didn’t watch them we advise you to do so before reading on. All missed matches can be watched here.

Now, let’s talk about the current state of the EU competitive scene and take a closer look at the leaderboard. Last time we pointed out how that many teams were sharing places, but that’s not the case after the second week. The first place went to G2 Esports with 10 points, the second place is owned by H2k-Gaming and Fnatic ended up on the third place. Have in mind that Fnatic was on the top and now they lost the lead.


When you look further down the line, you’ll see that difference between them isn’t so big and that anyone can take over. We are definitely, excited to see what will happen in the third week.

If you are interested in more information regarding EU LCS Summer Split, feel free to visit Leaguepedia site.



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