Time means something different for video games. Usually, the longer it goes since launch, the less we think about the games, as there’s always something new to get. However, in the case of MMORPGs, the longer they stay online and maintain their fanbase, the more they prove that they are a game worth playing, and that the team did something right. This is the case with League of Angels II, which has officially celebrated its one-year anniversary.

League of Angels II was launched in April of 2016 and has done very well since then. The game has actually been featured on Facebook a whopping four times and was named by the site one of the best web games of 2016.

But of course, it’s the numbers that decide the true worth of the game, and the team was happy to reveal that there are 79,926 active player Guilds in the game. In addition to that, the daily donations players make reaches 8,100,000 Diamonds (the in-game currency). On average, 620,925 duels take place in the Arena, while Elite Dungeons has been raided over 7 million times.

If you’re wondering why any of this matters, it all boils down to interest. One of the hardest things for any MMORPG to do is maintain interest from players as time goes on. When interest wanes, players leave. The team is thrilled that League of Angels II has maintained such a loyal base of players this long after launch.

To reward such loyalty, the dev team is going to be giving away some gifts. From April 7th to April 20th, players will be able to get special items from daily quests, dungeons, and more. You can trade these items or shards to get one-year anniversary rewards like outfits, mounts, and other rewards. Plus, the team will be producing special player memories of their time in the game, to help them reminisce with friends.


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