LawBreakers will have its first Alpha in just two short days. Nexon and Boss Key Productions have confirmed that the Alpha for this awaited title will take place June 18th and 19th. Sign-ups are available on their official website, so make sure to get to that soon if you’re interested.

Lawbreakers Concept ArtLawBreakers is a competitive multi-player first person shooter with an emphasis on gravity and strong unique mechanics. This game comes from the team at Boss Key Productions. The world of LawBreakers follows a story in which the world was severely damaged by an event called “The Shattering.” Scientists studying a lunar surface split the moon in half. This resulted in the ground breaking, gravity distorting itself, and of course the oceans going wild.

Now, a world rebuilt must combat gangs who wish to distort gravity to give themselves fantastical super-human abilities. Cartels worldwide joined together to become “The Breakers” who grew from humble gangs into full-scale empires, and continued to expand until they reached US soil. The “Law” enforcement team has vowed to defeat this empire by any means necessary.

The class system for LawBreakers was recently revealed, showcasing the different styles of play and the different lawbreakersfactions that players can join. Characters vary depending on which side you choose to fight for.

Whether you wish to play as a stealthy assassin, a powerful enforcer, a brutal titan, or a mobile vanguard, there is a lot of versatility. There are many options for different types of players and each of these classes can be played as a member of Law or as a Breaker.

With Boss Key Productions and Nexon working together, LawBreakers is shaping up to be an interesting competitive shooter experience. For more information on this game and the opportunity to sign up for its Alpha, starting on June 16th, head over to their official website!



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