Naughty Dog has been very careful about releasing details on The Last of Us 2 to the fans. Although they’ve stated that they’ve been putting focus into the game and that the story will take a rather drastic turn, they haven’t told us in what way.

TLOU2However recently Neil Druckmann says not only that he is working on a new story line but it will be carried out much differently than the last game, in the sense that it will use time travel. It’s been reported that he said something along the lines of: “There will be a number of characters that will head back into the past to try and change things.” I don’t think he literally meant the characters doing it of course but us, the players traveling back in time and skipping around to see the characters stories.

Fans have already speculated that Joel, will die in the opening of the game, possibly even by Ellie’s hands. So this most likely means that if this happens we will get to see how it got to that point and what happened leading up to something that tragic.

Aside from this Druckmann didn’t reveal anything else regarding the plot of The Last of Us 2, but given there have been rumors flying around that the game may get delayed until 2018. Although not officially confirmed, if this were to happen it would be understandable considering the large amounts of production value that will likely go into it.


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