Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting a huge new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire. Expect another epic story-driven adventure filled with fantastic characters and a great story. Your character becomes the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. You will have to travel to the Outer Rim of the galaxy and come face to face with Emperor Valkorion and his Eternal Empire.


We got a teaser for the Battle of Odessen. Coming on August 11th in the episodic story for Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will rally all your forces to face Arcann. You and your Alliance will fight a vicious and desperate battle that will determine the fate of the universe! This sounds pretty generic, but this game never failed to deliver a satisfying story so we won’t worry much about that.


Arcann launched a full-scale assault against the Outlander’s base stationed on Odessen. Left with no other options, you will have to risk everything to board the enemy’s flagship. Once you’re there, defeating Arcann will be your only goal, so be prepared!

Knights of the Fallen Empire and ‘The Battle of Odessen’ — are free to all Subscribers. If you’re new to the game, you can jump into the story with Chapter One, “The Hunt”, that’s free for all players!

You can watch the trailer below:




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