League of Legends has a lot of cute yordles. Today we get one that’s a little more murderous. Kled the Cantankerous Cavalier is the newest addition to Leagues roster of champions!

The most interesting part of his kit is his passive. See, Kled has a semi-trusty mount named Skaarl, who has his own health bar and takes damage instead of Kled when they ride together. Now, if you acquire any sort of bonus health either through items, runes, and masteries, it will also apply to Skaarl. So what happens when his health goes down to zero? Well, Kled gets to walk on his own feet as Skaarl runs away for a short while, at least until Kled fills up a bar by attacking towers, champions, or epic monsters.

Kled’s abilities rely on him being mounted, so don’t expect to be extra useful without Skaarl. Because there’s a lot to to talk about his abilities, let’s just mention his ultimate.


Yeah as you can see in the image above, Kled jumps onto Skaarl and “rides” him to the targeted location. He builds up a shield and boosts the movement speed of allies in their wake. Skaarl will ram first enemy he encounters, dealing a percentage of the target’s max health as damage.

A pretty interesting little yordle he is, so be sure to go to the official League of Legends post to see all about his abilities and what he can bring to a team!

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