Kid Ultra is basically what you get when you put a child’s mind into a robot who has the ability to fire rockets, and that’s Battleborn’s newest hero!


Kid Ultra was made as the perfect robot that you want to babysit your kid. It had tons of information about cartoons, comics, movies, and video games, so when some problems occurred that could have resulted in Kid Ultra going on a killing spree, he instead decided to go out into the Solus System to bring justice to everyone, but not in a violent way. Without resorting to violence, Kid Ultra actually just tried to talk the criminals out of crime, which was rather strange to everyone, but everyone soon started talking about a robot that was the size of a child, who went around Detritus Ring, trying to stop any criminals he encounters!

This caught Kleese’s attention, so she then took him in, gave him rockets, a bola thrower, and she adjusted his logic so that he could use force when attacked.


Kid Ultra is now finally able to spread justice, he finally became a hero!

You can get early access to Kid Ultra, and both the newest Story Operation titled “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” and the upcoming DLC by getting Battleborn’s Season Pass or the Digital Deluxe Edition


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