Kerbal Space Program

The team behind the video game Kerbal Space Program has always been about communicating with their fans and growing the game through interaction. To that end, the space flight simulator has already had a wealth of people helping make the game, and even make mods to enrich the experience. Through that wealth of content, the team has announced the first ever expansion for the game.

Titled Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion, this expansion will include a History Pack, as a special Mission Builder.

The Mission Builder is exactly what it sounds like, it gives you the ability to craft your own missions in the game using easy-to-master tools. You’ll be able to create missions that can push the boundaries of the game or make an entirely new part of the story. Once you’re done, and ready to share, you can upload it to the community, and watch as many other players test our your missions. Likewise, you can download the missions other players created and see what they came up with.
Kerbal Space Program

As for the History Pack, this is a special batch of missions made by the team themselves, and are based upon actual space missions from our history. However, they aren’t straight adaptations, as they have the “Kerbal Space Program Twist!”, so be prepared for anything.

All of that will be in the expansion, as well as being able to rank yourselves against others via a new scoring system, new items for you to use both for your Kerbals and your ships, and much more.

The Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is still in development and will be a paid expansion upon release, there will be more details given in the future, so stay tuned.


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