You won’t find a lot of games that make you play as A.I. of a ship that’s in charge of a really incompetent¬†ship-crew, but Destination Ares does!


Your colony spaceship is made out of old, rusty parts, so you can expect a lot of things to go wrong on your journey to the red planet. The crew boots up the ship’s artificial intelligence to help them along the way, since they’re a rather tricky bunch. But, even though they may not be the smartest, they do have a mind of their own, meaning you can’t control them directly.

Destination Ares is a unique resource-management sim, with a thoughtful story full of twists and secrets. Resource management is unforgiving, so make sure you make use of everything! The crew’s AI is made with the goal of driving the player insane from worrying and trying to keep everything from falling apart. The most interesting part about Destination Ares’ game mechanics is the self-balancing difficulty. This means that players who are struggling receive¬†some helpful events to put them back on track!


What do you think, are you ready to embark on a journey through the great black cosmos in this brutal, merciless management sim which also has quite a lot of quality dark humor?


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