Part of what makes the Injustice series of games (developed by NetherRealm Studios) so interesting is that its world is based on the DC Comics universe, but one that’s slightly altered and became very dark because of it. Mainly, the Joker decided to screw with Superman, which made him unintentionally kill Lois Lane and Superman’s unborn child. Because of this, Superman killed the Joker and the Regime was born soon after. Despite his death, Joker is coming back in Injustice 2.

To be clear, it’s unknown at present how Joker is alive. It’s possible that the character was brought back to life somehow, or that this is just an addition that won’t affect the story, but it’s intriguing nonetheless, especially since he played a big role in setting up the Injustice universe. Joker did appear in the main story of the original game, but that was a Joker from our Earth and this one seems to be the original from the Injustice world. Guess we’ll just have to wait to get answers.

Moving onto the gameplay trailer, it appears that Joker has once again donned many of his classic moves and weapons. Including the infamous crowbar (which killed the Robin known as Jason Todd, referenced by Damian Wayne Robin in the video), the gun used to shoot Barbara Gordon, his shock buzzer, his knife, and yes, Joker Toxin.

What may be the most surprising, though, is that his finishing move is an almost literal recreation of the death of Jason Todd. Naturally, they don’t actually kill the characters, but that’s pretty dark.

It’ll be very interesting to see what role Joker has in the game if any at all, especially since Superman, Harley Quinn, Batman, and more would likely have to interact with him. Injustice 2 comes to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 16th.


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