Io-Interactive developed some pretty popular video games in the last two decades, which includes the popular Hitman series, in which you shoot people, or strangle them and then hide the body. Now they have opened their doors at their brand new studio in the heart of Copenhagen to reveal their newest studio logo!


Hannes Seifert, the Studio Head at Io-Interactive, talked about IOI and how they always strive to make unique and interesting games. He said that they want their games to feel like the people who created them. Their newest studio is the ideal place to create those types of games. It’s an energetic, high-tech and really exciting place to work at. The new logo that they made represents their creativity, ambition, and passion!


This new logo will also represent IOI’s new chapter in the vast digital world. Any device or platform can use it, as it’s fully adaptable, and it can also be used either short or long-form!


IOI’s new studio is open, bright, and ultra-modern. It has an on-site motion capture studio, a kitchen, and a canteen. There’s a lot of space for all types of work and it even has table football tournaments and arcade machine competitions to make sure that their employees never get bored!


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